Organic Supergreens and Protein

Organic Supergreens and Protein

Get your daily greens and protein all in one delicious smoothie! Supergreens & Protein is a harmonious blend of  green superfood mix and Vanilla Rice Protein Powder —with wholesome ingredients that compliment each other perfectly, lightly flavored with organic Vanilla Powder, Lucuma, and Coconut Palm Sugar.

With a complete amino acid profile including all nine essential amino acids, rice protein is ideal for building lean muscle, burning fat, and boosting athletic performance. Providing the “supergreens” in this mix is our green superfood formula, which contains 19 nutrient-dense ingredients: wheatgrass, spinach, kale, chlorella, spirulina, kelp, dandelion leaf, ginger root and more.

Feel energized and alkalized with a full serving of daily greens, while supporting a strong, healthy immune system!Supergreens & Protein also contains probiotics and enzymes to help your inner ecosystem thrive. A healthy gut is essential for absorbing vital nutrients and supporting your immune and digestive systems.

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Supergreens and Protein, 2.2 Pounds Tub, Organic
Supergreens and Protein, 8 Ounces, Organic

supergreens and protein

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